Welcome to the Pitmatics

Pitmatics is an exciting new folk band fronted by music industry producer and musician Charley Foskett. Original and cover songs tell powerful stories with great arrangements, superb musicianship and stunning harmonies.

“Absolutely spectacular – we have a bit of treasure in here tonight” – Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. 09/09/2018.

pitmatic, n. Pron. /pɪtˈmatɪkA patois used by miners in the north-east of England. aka Yakka. (OED)

“I do like Foskett’s music and his interpretations – interesting arrangements and production..” Sting 2017

The band will be collaborating with great artists like Julie Felix, John Paul Jones and Peter Knight.

“.. a fantastic evening, an exceptional and very talented bunch of musicians – folk music it’s the new rock and roll – catch them if you can.” John Joe Dunne 2018

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  • Charley Foskett:  guitars, bass, drums
  • Ned Lawton: whistles, uilleann pipes, bodhran
  • John Birkby: mandola, guitar, banjo
  • Phil Underwood: melodeons, concertina
  • Heather Harding: keyboard, tenor horn, accordion
  • Regular guest musicians
  • Garry Blakely: fiddle,
  • Hannah Dacey: fiddle, double bass


The first citation in the OED entry for pitmatic—the language of the miners and pit villages of the north-east of England—is taken from The Times of 21 August 1885, in which a bewildered writer reports on a visit to a colliery foreman’s office ‘thronged with men talking an unintelligible language known, I was informed, as Pitmatic’. Source: OED